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I'll bring the sunshine and positive vibes to your brand's journey, helping it thrive in even the wildest tropical storms of the market.

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Ready to make W.A.V.E.S in how you show up online?

Are you tired of scrolling through social media, wondering how all these small brands are making bank while you're just barely getting by? Well, fear not! We are here to help you build a scroll-stopping, money-making brand that will have all your followers swooning and your bank account booming. It’s time to make a splash with your target audience

here's how we make waves:

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Let us build the brand of your dreams that gets you noticed, remembered, loved and shared. We help make waves in your industry by developing the strategy & messaging through designing and building elements of your brand that has you making a Splash immediately!



Brand Storm

You wear a lot of hats. We get it. Why not let us wear another one? We are experts in finding out who you are so clients can get to know the real you and grow your business!

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Make Waves



DIY marketing and branding in a tropical paradise? It might sound tempting, but trust us, even in paradise, some things are best left to the pros. Let us equip you with the tools and knowledge to transform your brand from a tiny island to a global sensation.

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“Rae's breadth of knowledge across business, sales and marketing functions, and events is truly one of a kind. She not only brings the strategic vision, but she trains and executes, too!”

katy byrtus

Female B2B Consultants hire me to perfect their brand message in 1-3 business days to attract their ideal audience so they can land six figure clients with ease!

I am an award winning marketer who has led both sales and marketing teams to single, double and even triple digit increases. I wear a lot of hats metaphorically and in reality. If you want further proof of how I G.S.D... (get shit done)
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I can only keep Monstera plants alive... its a good thing because they symbolize growth & success!

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Want to build a brand that brings dollars straight to the bank?
We’ll show you how to take your brand from ordinary to EXTRAordinary so you connect instantly with your target audience.

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Social Media Action Plan

Your 30 Day social media action plan is your cabana attendant allowing you soak up the sun knowing your audience is engaged and entertained.


Making W.A.V.E.S

If you want to make a splash in the marketing world and become a successful Boss, you won't want to miss this humorous and insightful guide to riding the W.A.V.E.S with creativity and fun.

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Brand Foundations

Brand foundations are like sunscreen for your brand's identity, without it you're bound to get burnt and crispy in the scorching hot competition, so make sure to lather up and protect yourself before hitting the beach!

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To infuse fun and education into every interaction to ensure that building your brand is not a toll,

our mission

but the work to help realize your dreams toward freedom and success. 

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"I help" Statements are Ordinary! How to Position yourself for High-Ticket Clients

Ready to stand out as the go to resource? Learn the #1 strategy to shine brighter than a tropical sunrise and attract high-ticket clients. Elevate your brand positioning and watch your business bloom! 🌺

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Ride the W.A.V.E.S in marketing with creativity and fun.

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Find niche, create content, engage, collaborate, monetize, nbd

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# your way through Instagram & TikTok

Hashtag tips: research, mix up, strategy, creativity, viral #ForReal

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