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Unapologetically unique and audaciously authentic, you need a brand that stands out like a rare tropical gem in a sea of sameness. You don't just create coaching services; you create experiences that are as unforgettable as a Hawaiian sunset and change lives.

With the courage of a fearless explorer, you need to chart your own course to greatness, attracting a devoted following that's as loyal as a tiki torch's flame. So, be extraordinary, be EXTRA, and watch your brand shine brighter than a starry night in paradise!

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To have an extraordinary brand, first you have to identify it. Be it the goal of a project, or your reason for existence, knowing what you stand for and what you want will set you on the road to influence and authority in your industry. 

After our Brandstorm interview reveals what makes you unapologetically unique, we show you off with Extraordinary Branding that gets you noticed, remembered, loved and shared. Our Making WAVES method executes your entire brand, from developing the strategy & message through designing and building the website, and gets you out there selling immediately.
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Toi - owner of coils by yoi