Aloha! I’m Réland,
your new BFF
(Brand Fabulous Friend)

Enneagram 7, type A as they come... I live for trips to Maui, bright colored lipstick, and I swear to always keep hats in style.

One week before my 30th birthday I was let go...

Failure… I was an utter failure. How was I supposed to take care of my 3-year-old son? Then it dawned on me

I was incredible at sales and was a Creative…if I couldn’t find a job or get a hold of unemployment I would just do it myself! So hung up and used the last of my money to start Gray Digital Marketing naming it after my son. You would think the rest would be history… that it all worked out… well it didn’t. I got many speaking engagements, awards, and other forms of recognition, but I wasn’t making money to afford my bills, plus I wasn’t even helping people with social media as I set out to do. I went to seek help through many courses and coaches. In a story coaching session, I was working one on one with my coach to build my expertise story. She asked me what I thought I was an expert at. Prepared and proud to answer I leaned on what I thought was my strength and told her “I am an expert at taking the time suck out of social media and turning it into a scroll-stopping money maker!” Star looked at me and I got nervous she replied simply, “No you’re not.” That shook me to my core…She stared at me momentarily seeing me struggle with that simple sentence and then decided to tell me the truth! “Reland you are not an expert at Social Media… anyone can do that. 

Always chill even in a ball gown

Rae you are an expert at helping others find out who they are so you can get others to know them to grow their business

I wrote it down. I didn’t believe her. And I didn’t understand. 
At the start of 2023, I came across her statement of what I am an expert at. I thought about what she meant and what I actually do for clients. I was excellent at Social Media, but what I was an expert at was discovering an organization or person's core brand and ideal audience. I am a powerful teacher who comes to this work with joy, energy, and humor. 

Oprah Winfrey said that “A mentor is someone who lets you see the hope inside yourself…A mentor is someone who allows you to see a higher part of yourself when sometimes it becomes hidden by your own view.” Star was correct my strength is in helping others find themselves, I just need her to help me find my superpower and deliver on my promises. 

Réland Logan is an award winning brand creator, the founder of Gray Digital Marketing. Coaches and Consultants hire her to perfect their brand message in up to 3 business days to attract their ideal audience so they can achieve uncommon freedom. 

She has been recognized globally for her Outstanding Leadership in Marketing by the Marketing 2.0 conference, as a Top 50 Marketer on the Rise from the African American Marketing Association and co-authored the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion National Pledge for the American Marketing Association. In addition to this Reland is also a certified business coach, has received her Master Storyteller Designation, and Diversity, Equity & Communications Certification.









I am obsessed with wearing hats, but my real obsession is Minnie Mouse ears #shhh

I hide my favorite snacks from my family. #sharingisnotcaring #selflove

I didn’t start watching reality tv until the pandemic, now I’m addicted #embarrassing

I still wear skinny jeans and side part my hair and use the cry-laugh emoji. Suck it, Gen Z.

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


favorite indulgence

drink of choice

can't live without

usually craving

beach vs mountains

favorite show to binge

celeb i'd love to meet

guilty pleasure

alternative universe job

favorite place i've been

Dutch Bros Ray of Sunshine Iced

Mojito with Mango & Cucumber

Charlotte Tilbury - Lost Cherry Lipstick

Flip Flops... aka free the feet!

Water. Sun. Sand = Happy Place

Please see guilty pleasure

Olivia Pope or Halle Berry

Netflix Reality Shows hosted by Nick Lachey

a EGOT! I’ve got hidden skills #humblebrag

Maui in winter... hello baby whales! 

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