You're Extraordinary:
Gray Digital Mktg will find out why!

The interview is a mind clearing, eye opening experience, addressing key questions like, is your message digestible? Does it stand out as being different? Is it disrupting people's thinking, & inspiring a curiosity that has them begging for more?

We will Explore your thoughts

The time you spend in this session will have you thinking about your brand and business in new ways, while the Gray Digital team takes it all in and pushes it through our iconoclastic lens to identify how to pitch your extraordinary value proposition - the special boldness that compels people to engage and buy.

Includes the interview and a written brief that identifies your extraordinary business and brand opportunities and a plan to move forward


*(This cost gets applied to any Making WAVES package moving forward).

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Yes, you can find clarity!

JP - owner of 2:30AM Agency

A fount of positivity, I actively recommend Gray Digital Marketing's work to nearly every business owner in the market"

She is such a team player, and is always willing to help others. I highly recommend her to any team or organization, as she cares not only about hitting her targets, but also the people that she works with.”

"Reland is adaptable, composed, and results-driven. 

dominique - Formerly nordstrom

"Reland is extremely well versed with helping brands and teams figure out how to connect with their customer.

kasey - owner of a better jones

"We all need a little more Reland in our life.

Anyone wanting to understand how they can leverage your brand to not just authentically build an engaged and passionate audience, but also to actually make money from that audience, needs to talk to Reland."