I hit a speed bump and went flying over my handlebars. I laid in the middle of the road calling for help scared, hurting, and had chipped my front 2 grown-up teeth. ​After what felt like forever a lady came out of her home to help me and she shared that she didn’t realize at […]

Brand & Business

July 9, 2024

This 1 liner hack is leaving money on the table….

pale blue bicycle

Female B2B Consultants hire me to perfect their brand message in 1-3 business days to attract their ideal audience so they can land six figure clients with ease!

I am an award winning marketer who has led both sales and marketing teams to single, double and even triple digit increases. I wear a lot of hats metaphorically and in reality. If you want further proof of how I G.S.D... (get shit done)
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about me

I can only keep Monstera plants alive... its a good thing because they symbolize growth & success!

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