Introduction It’s time to cover essential topics like recognizing your opportunities and turning them into strengths, developing a growth mindset, and leveraging emotional intelligence. You’ll learn how to continuously enhance your skills, network effectively without falling into the comparison trap, and maintain confidence even in challenging situations. We’ll also explore the powerful impact of mentorship […]

Mindset & Motivation

May 27, 2024

From Comparison to Confidence: Break Free from Self-Doubt and Shine as a Consultant (Part Two)

Consulting is a male dominated space and falling victim to comparison as a woman is a pointless endeavor yet we have been conditioned to do so. Business consulting is a competitive world and it’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others. However, this can often lead to self-doubt and hinder your […]

Mindset & Motivation

May 20, 2024

From Comparison to Confidence: Break Free from Self-Doubt and Shine as a Consultant (Part One)

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Female B2B Consultants hire me to perfect their brand message in 1-3 business days to attract their ideal audience so they can land six figure clients with ease!

I am an award winning marketer who has led both sales and marketing teams to single, double and even triple digit increases. I wear a lot of hats metaphorically and in reality. If you want further proof of how I G.S.D... (get shit done)
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I can only keep Monstera plants alive... its a good thing because they symbolize growth & success!

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